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head to where the locals go for bargain bites in wine country. bringing this lifestyle into your own home, all now in wine country. this is the pisoni vineyard in california's santa lucia highlands. hello and welcome, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt. for many wine lovers, "pisoni" on a label means a great pinot noir. well there's more than just a name behind this label. we'll get to know the famous grape grower, gary pisoni, and his family, later in our show. but first, chefs in wine country source the best ingredients from local growers. but one in particular
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goes the extra mile. at this chef's table, a kitchen garden makes his restaurant a total "farm to fork" dining experience. the europeans used to call tomatoes love apples, i named my farm love apple farm because ah. harry love who a is kind of an interesting figure in california history built this house in 1885, my farmhouse. so between love apple and harry love the name stuck. cynthia sandberg grows tomatoes. but these are not just any tomatoes. you'll find more than 100 heirloom varieties on the vine, at her two acre biodynamic "love apple farm," in california's santa cruz mountains wine country. i feel wedded to them. today she's picking with david kinch, chef and owner of the highly acclaimed manresa restaurant. our restaurant and our cuisine we base it on finding the best products that we can possibly find. you know it's amazing. david's here
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to get the main ingredient for an all- heirloom tomato dinner later that night. you see a lot of heirloom tomatoes this time of the year, but you go to the farmers market and my opinion is, is that a lot of em' are not ripe. cynthia was the first grower i really found where she actually picked the tomatoes when they were really really ripe. it looks ripe from this side but there's a little end of it one side that's not quite ripe. david can get all the perfectly ripe tomatoes he wants. gee wiz. yeah that's nice. that's because cynthia's garden is also manresa's "kitchen garden." we're getting about forty percent now, forty fifty percent of everything we grow here. with the goal being up to 100 percent. cynthia also grows vegetables and herbs for the restaurant... onions, turnips, beets, lettuces, kales, beans, peppers, you name it, we have it growing, we're trying to grow it. we talk about menu items, she makes her recommendations.
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we're finding out how much of a specific thing to grow uh to keep the restaurant sustained in that particular ingredient during its season. cynthia also raises goats for milk and chicken for eggs. everything's fresh as it can be...because once the day's picks are loaded...manre sa restaurant is just 30 minutes away. we can pick the vegetables up we can bring it to the restaurant and we can process them and have them on the plate a couple hours later for the dinner service and that's the whole point of doing this. we are located in los gatos which is in the foothills of the santa cruz mountains. we're surrounded by some really great old established wineries. i think manresa has a great sense of place it's reflective of where it is. david says there's a difference in his kitchen, especially when tomatoes and other treasures arrive from cynthia's garden. the cooks at the restaurant, they're not opening up boxes of produce
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coming from a produce company they're getting flats of these vegetables been pulled from the ground a couple hours, there's dirt on 'em, they haven't been trimmed. on tonight's menu... seven courses. we're gonna probably use about thirty different varieties for tonight. we're gonna have some raw we're gonna have some cooked, were gonna have some hot, were gonna have some cold. be a little diverse in the techniques that were serving with them, and allow the tomatoes to shine. as each course is plated up, dishes are sent out to the dining room. we're doing a fruit and vegetable gazpacho tonight. were also doing a salsa going with some of the local monterey bay abalone that we have here and that will have as many different varieties of tomatoes as we can actually get into that. we're doing a persimmon pudding which the tomatoes are substituted for the persimmon and it's served with a tomato curd like a lemon curd except made with fresh tomatoes. tonight more is in honor of cynthia we're showcasing what she grows and a celebration of our partnership. i feel honored that david kinch
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is cooking and using my vegetables. it's a fabulous feeling when i eat there i just think it's really cool. at manresa, it's a true farm-to-fork experience, fresh off the vine in wine country. still hungry? well stick around, up next in wine country, we'll show you where to click on in wine country dot com to see behind the scenes photos watch videos download podcasts and sign up for our email newsletter all at in wine country dot com. all at in wine country dot com.
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they keep us in touch and informed, they help us work and play. and they all use rechargeable batteries. but these batteries aren't just rechargeable they're recyclable. and more than 50,000 free drop-off locations across north america make it easy and convenient, we all enjoy the freedom that mobile technology gives us. let's accept the responsibility to pass that freedom on. find out how you can answer the call to recycle. visit wine country is known for its white tablecloth,
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fine dining establishment s. but not every meal can be an all out splurge. we set off to uncover a few bargain bites and found the real deals where the locals dine. napa valley's got its fair share of acclaimed and pricey restaurants, but you can also get great food for every meal of the day... without spending a fortune. for breakfast, locals swear by "abc" -- alexis baking company. the café lattes are phenomenal, and they come in this huge bowl with foam on top, and it's just delicious. i love abc actually, i come here for coffee every morning and for breakfast for sure on the weekends. breakfast at abc will set you back around six to eleven dollars. on the day we're visiting, they're serving egg sandwiches on fresh baked potato buns, oatmeal topped with brown sugar and fresh fruit, and huevos rancheros, among other things. the huevos rancheros are the
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best anywhere in the world. folks tell us the bakery's worth a look, too. i've gained many pounds coming in here. the baked goods are phenomenal. on the famed silverado trail winding through wine country, you'll find the hot local lunch spot -- "soda canyon store." i'm having the tuna fish on focaccia and it's my favorite lunch. i begged my parents to stop here because i love the sandwhiches and it's better than my mom's sandwiches which i usually eat, so. besides beating out mom's sandwiches, soda canyon store serves up mexican fare and fruit smoothies. last but not least, dinner in napa at "pizza azzurro. the pizza oven turns out pies topped with seasonal, locally grown produce for ten to fourteen bucks a pop take note though, the chef's got just one meat pizza on the menu. if you want the meat lovers you can go somewhere else, if you want to come and have beautifully cooked
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spinach with ricotta cheese, then you can come here. they may encourage you to "eat more pie" here but there are lots of other choices, too. for example, piping hot dough topped with salad is called "manciata," one of the local favorites. i love it because if you're all watching your calories or your fat intake, no cheese. another classic is the restaurant's famed tuna and garbanzo bean salad. the thing about his salad is the salad dressing, he won't tell us what it is, but its really good. every time we come here we eat that salad. a full house at a reasonably priced local restaurant... always a good sign. all that dining around can sure leave you thirsty, which brings us to our pop quiz. our question today, when it comes to wine or bubbly, what is a cuvee? is it a, a non-vintage wine or champagne b, a blend of wines or c, an extra large bottling, holding six
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information kit with dvd, brochure and price list. call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! welcome back, we're in wine country and i'm mary babbitt. ok, it's that time, are you ready with the answer to our pop quiz? our question today, when it comes to wine or bubbly, what is a cuvee? is it a, a non-vintage wine or champagne b, a blend of wines or c, an extra large bottling, holding six liters of wine. while cuvee may sound like another word for a non- vintage wine or bubbly, the correct answer is actually b. a cuvee is a blend of wines.
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cuvee comes from the french word for "vat." different vats of wine can make up a cuvee of wine. in the case of champagne the cuvee is often made of many base wines. and that's our specially blended pop quiz. california's napa valley is of course well known for its vineyards and world class wines. but did you know other crops grow in napa, too? beans, of all things, got our attention. heirloom beans in fact. in homegrown, one man's mission to bring great tasting beans to wine country. i'm not really a farmer, but i am involved in agriculture. in napa valley you won't find many growers like steve sando. unfortunately napa real estate is for people that want grapes. and there really isn't room for a whole lot else. steve's the owner of "rancho gordo," a bean
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company that, in an unusual twist, makes its home in wine country. i actually moved to napa because its such a beautiful place, i love the people. not because of the wine. land's expensive in napa, so steve grows most of his beans an hour away on cheaper ground... but this small plot's his napa valley test garden. these are blue speckled tepary beans. a lot of people think that beans need to be dried on a rack or in some sort of modern facility, but in fact you just cut the water and let the plants die. and then what happens is the beans inside get a crackly pod, and inside you get these beautiful beans that are sort of nature's way of saying 'save me'! steve has, in fact, helped preserve rare beans. they're heirloom beans -- old varietals he finds on frequent trips to mexico. most people when they go on vacation they go to mexico and they go to the beach. i look for the local market. and ask them you know what kind of beans they eat in the area, and usually they show you the pintos and its like no no the real special one that you love. every once in a while you hit pay
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dirt, and it's this great obscure bean that no one is growing and it tastes like a million bucks and hopefully we can grow it out for people. although steve sells beans to top restaurants across the country... per se new york, french laundry in yountville, greens san francisco. hi dash, hi boy. his favorite customers are nico and robbie ... think that's pretty good ... who like to help dad shell beans just for fun. thwack, thwack, thwack. we're going to use a pillow case as just whack it with a bat. and whack it, whack it, whack it and you're crushing the beans. the waste stays at the top and then you can reach down and get a beautiful handful of beans. they're blue speckled and blue is my favorite color. i got a green one, green speckled. at steve's home they deal in small numbers of beans, but at the office it's a different story. rancho gordo sells sacks of
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beans for about five bucks each. they're more expensive than grocery store beans, yes, but steve says the cost's well worth it. commercial beans by the time they reach your table can be 10 ars old, which isn't the most pleasant thought. the difference between these and commercial grocery store beans is the flavor, the texture and the ease of cooking. another difference - steve makes personal deliveries. he's wrapping up the day dropping off beans at a restaurant in napa. hello. what do we got? allright, the main thing is the beautiful bolotti, which of course is a cranberry bean. he's on a mission to turn wine country into bean country, one kitchen at a time. as you enter napa there's this big sign that says you're now entering this world famous wine region napa valley, it says 'the wine was bottled poetry.' i thought wouldn't it be great if someday it says, 'the beans were boiled poetry,' that would be, then i'd know i've made it. i've made a real difference here in napa.
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there's more still to come in wine country, up next, grape growing is all in the family. we're getting it just right.
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well we've certainly had a lot to eat in this show, but what about the wine? here at the pisoni vineyards in california's santa lucia highlands, south of monterey and carmel, the pisoni family knows you cannot live by bread alone, though gary pisoni does makes a mean loaf of bread. behind this label, grape growing and winemaking are a family affair, resulting in some of the best pinot noir in the country. come on in mary let's go check the grapes. do i have reason to be afraid? no i'll go easy. gary pisoni loves touring the vineyards in his vintage
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jeep. at times it's a scenic drive, overlooking california's salinas valley. but, with gary at the wheel, it's also an unforgettable ride. help! i'm the only one that drives it, and i give better tours than disneyland, because, you can drink on my tours. i better hang on with both hands. oh yeah you better. we drive past rows of ripening pinot noir vines. pinot is gary's passion. look how gorgeous they are wine is made in the vineyard it's not us that makes the wine it's nature that makes the wine. we're just happy to be custodians to be here and get our hands on it and play with it! you might say gary's proud of his vines. yeah keep up the good work guys! we're getting it just right. gary's also the proud parent when it comes to his sons mark and jeff, who work side by side with him in his quest to make the best pinot noir. today, they're dropping fruit. here's one to.
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too much green. at this time of year if all the grapes aren't completely purple, we drop the fruit, because we want to intensify the flavors, and we don't want to have any, um, green flavors. we're almost all the way done with the veration now. mark is the vineyard manager. i'm the farmer of the family, so, i uh, i kinda keep things alive. yeah these are pretty far behind. jeff's the winemaker at pisoni. i take it this is the section you watered more. yeah it is. he's been making wine since he was 3 years old. i used to bring him milk now he brings me wine-how's that for a deal. he's probably the best boss anyone could have what do you think mark what do you think jeff? they tell me what they think, i tell them what i think, we have a little bit of an argument and we kind of have a resolution another vintage of the century. winemaking and grape growing certainly run in this family. a couple green clusters to get rid of. mark and his grandfather check out the grapes every morning. we walk through different vineyard blocks. we got to get all these green clusters off. extremely lucky to have my grandfather kind of mentoring me and still around and involved,
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he's 87, and it's really a cool relationship we've develeloped over the years. getting too many. mark's grandfather... .gary's father eddie...bought what was a cattle ranch, at the southern end of the santa lucia highlands. the family says this is a unique site for growing pinot noir. if we aim for anything in the winery, it's to represent what's here we think if you know our father and you drink our wine there's a consistency to that howdy. our dad has a big personality our wines are really expressive and intense. gary's big personality comes alive as shows me around what he calls "pisoni land." this is gary's world welcome to it. pisoni land. pisoni land ha ha. gary's named every vineyard block, and most names have a story behind them. so you call this the tina vineyard, tell me about that well it means bathtub in italian,
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it's not named after a woman which a lot of people think, and i put a bathtub here because it's shaped like a bathtub. i jump in there once in awhile, we fill this line up, look at the water come out. let me see this. could have warned me. no gary it's a family show you can't get in. gary loves to have fun... i'll put these breads in. i hope it's not too hot. it's pretty hot in there. but when when it comes to's hot. it's hot oakwood coals. ...that's a serious matter. oh well we love to eat! i came here at 6 in the morning and i made a batch of bread oh wow looks like another lovely loaf. we're big fans of fresh food we have a big barbeque pit we got some corn we have bell peppers, all the stuff we like to have that comes
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from the ranch that we grow. everyone at this family winery helps prepare the evening's feast. mary i want you to try this antipasti my mother makes. what do you put into this. different kinds of vegtables. string beans, asparagus, onions. that may be the best i've ever had. look at this great food. and when it's time to eat, the family gathers at the table. we really like to eat and drink here. we don't just so it on christmas or easter we do it every day and we love it. that looks fantastic. dessert is gary's mom's specialty...she's famous for her pies. mmm.... mm mm mm. the happy dance. behind the label at pisoni, no doubt they've made a happy pairing of wine, food and family i would like to have a toast to the pisoni family and to pinot noir and to us trying to get the holy grail in the glass to everybody.
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from pisoni vineyard or as gary likes to call it, pisoni land, thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoyed your stay in wine country and we'll see you again next time. for more information about today's show log on to our website
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i love the concept of mentoring because you're really able to make a difference in the life of one young person. my mentor is a role model for me.
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she told me about all the opportunities that there is in life. she has transformed into an amazing young woman, and i feel so fortunate to be a part of that. i think a mentor can really open the eyes of a young person to all the possibilities that are out there for them if they just go after their dreams. so get involved and do your part, invest in the future, mentor a child.
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